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Quick Camping Trip Meal Prep

Foods prepared ahead of time for my camping trip

Here on the left is a braised chicken dish I’ve made with an organic chicken. Dark meats braise better than white meats, but I shredded everything so either way it is all the same to me. I had put it into the pint containers and frozen it. This will fit better into the cooler and act as ice with the other food I need to keep cold. This was great with small tortillas and guac.

This lentil salad was a last minute decision. Because I cook for myself regularly, I have a lot of different types of ingredients on hand at any given moment so things like this are easy. This was surprisingly delicious for the amount of prep time it required. I’ll have the recipe in a future blog post but the bulk of it consists of kale, lentils, tomatoes, olive oil and lemon juice.

Over time I have found that it is very easy to over eat or eat poorly, or a combination of the two, while camping. In an effort to counteract these temptations, this salad acts as an inbetween meal with a lighter caloric load, and some fresh veggies and high quality protein from pasture raised hard boiled eggs.


3 replies to “Quick Camping Trip Meal Prep

    1. Thanks for the comment. Very true, sometimes it is nice to have something you can pull out and thaw in minutes when you don’t have the time or energy to prepare a meal!


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