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Morel Mushrooms

I found these beauties while on a trail run not far from my house. It was a nice surprise to find them as I figured morel season had been nearing its end here in Michigan, and was not even looking for them. Initially the purpose of me getting out of the house was to go for a run. However, after I found these it slowed me down and I finished the path by walking, encouraging me to enjoying the sunshine, forested area without a car or building in sight, and sounds of nature.

Since there is a lot of dirt because of the way morels grow, it is good to give them a good wash. I spun them around in this bowl of water, changing the water probably about ten times. It helps to cut them in half as well to ensure the inside is clean and you won’t be chewing on any dirt or sand.

I like to keep it simple when cooking something as beautiful as a fresh morel. Butter, and salt. You can add garlic, or fresh thyme, whatever you like, but I don’t think they need much!


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