Hard Boiled Eggs, the Easiest method for Perfect Eggs.

As a culinary school graduate there were many things we were taught. Eggs are one of the fundamental basics of cooking. In one of my classes one instructor was asking another how he hard boils his eggs. Each of them had different answers, but the same result. Some people put the eggs in when theContinue reading “Hard Boiled Eggs, the Easiest method for Perfect Eggs.”

Video Demo: How to make an Omelet | Kale and Mushroom Omelet

Here is a step by step video on how to make a basic omelet. The technique takes a few tries before you perfect it, but becomes second nature quickly. The hardest part I think, is knowing when to flip, not the flip itself. You can add anything you like, I’ve kept it simple here forContinue reading “Video Demo: How to make an Omelet | Kale and Mushroom Omelet”

Garden Tomato Frittata with Heirloom Marinated Tomato Salad

I use a cast iron skillet for this recipe and it’s perfect. It is the perfect size and doesn’t stick to the pan when I’m finished cooking. Begin by sauteing your onions on medium heat with a tablespoon of butter. Sweat the onions for about three minutes until soft. Add garlic and jalapeno, and cookContinue reading “Garden Tomato Frittata with Heirloom Marinated Tomato Salad”

One delicious egg sandwich.

Egg sandwiches are one of greatest pleasures in this life for me. So simple, easy to eat, and endless combinations. Here I’ve made one with a toasted english muffin, fried egg, roasted red peppers, muenster cheese, and chic-fil-a sauce. It was messy, but as tasty as it looks here!  

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